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Step 1: Registration (as of February 1, 2024)

Central Okanagan Public School students from grade 7-12 please register for the 2024 iGen through Google Classroom.

The link to register is on the Calendar of Events page. 


*Dates for all below tasks will be available through the iGen Google Classroom.

Step 2: Design Thinking Masterclass

Participants will develop their entrepreneurial skills, and learn the fundamentals of starting a business. Students will create teams and jointly develop a business concept over a period of a few weeks.Participant will walk through how to start a business using the design thinking process.

Step 3: Connect with a Mentor

Participants receive guidance & feedback from local business mentors and industry experts on their business concept via zoom or google classroom.

Step 4: Create a Video Advertisement

Teams create a 1-2 minute video advertisment to sell/tell their story.

Step 5: Publish GoFundMe Campaign

Using your video advertisement create a GoFundMe page.
Send page link to
Share your GoFundMe account with your network to secure seed capital for your business.

Step 6: Live Pitch (Top 16 Teams) @ Innovation Ctr.

Teams will present a slide deck to a panel of local community business professionals. The top 10 teams will move on to the Live Pitch.

Step 7: Live Pitch (Top 10 Teams) @ Innovation Ctr.

The top 10 teams will present their pitches live to a panel of 4 community judes (in accordance with COVID safety protocols) in a staggered schedule at the Innovation Centre on June 15, 2023.

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